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🚨 Alert: Recent Increase in Digger Thefts in the Area 🚨

Dear Resident,


Over the past few weeks there has been a notable increase in the theft of construction diggers and equipment during ongoing renovation and local projects. These thefts have not only caused financial losses to the victim/businesses but have also disrupted  development efforts.


Crime prevention

1. Secure Your Equipment: When not in use make sure to secure your diggers and equipment in a locked storage area or consider using anti-theft devices such as immobilisers and/or tracking systems.

2. Well-Lit Premises: Ensure your worksite is well lit at night. Adequate lighting can deter potential thieves.

3. Fencing and Signage: Erect barriers/fences/gates and signage around your worksite. Make access as hard as possible as this can be an effective deterrent.

4. Community Vigilance: Encourage neighbours and local businesses to watch out for suspicious activity and to report it to the police.

5. Inventory Records: Keep detailed records of all your equipment, including serial numbers and photographs. This can aid in recovery and prosecution if theft occurs. 

6. Contact the Police: If you notice any suspicious behaviour or believe a theft is in progress, do not hesitate to call the police on 999 immediately. Timely reporting can make a significant difference in recovery and apprehension.

I urge everyone to stay vigilant and work together. If you have any information about recent thefts please contact police.

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Nick Hubbard
(Kent Police, PC, Sevenoaks Neighbourhood Beat Officer)

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