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🚨 Alert: Recent Uptrend in Pedal Cycle Thefts in Town Centre 🚲

I want to bring to your attention a recent uptick in the theft of pedal cycles in Sevenoaks town centre and at Sevenoaks train station.

The most recent theft occurred on the afternoon of Thursday 19th October, where 2 males stole a high value pedal cycle from London Road, Sevenoaks, just outside the old Bills restaurant. The crime is currently under investigation, but I am committed to keeping our community safe, so I would urge you to take proactive steps to prevent yourself becoming the victim of such a crime.

Crime Prevention

Here are some crime prevention tips to help prevent pedal cycle theft:

Lock Your Bike Securely: Always use a high quality lock, preferably a U-lock or heavy-duty chain lock. Secure both the frame and the wheels to a fixed object.

Choose Well Lit Parking: When parking your bike opt for well lit and busy areas and preferably under a CCTV camera. Thieves are less likely to target bicycles in highly visible locations.

Register Your Bike: Enroll your bike with a local bike registry or use a bike identification system. This can assist in recovery if your bike is stolen.

Record Important Information: Keep a record of your bikes make, model, serial number and any unique features. This information is valuable in case you need to report a theft.

Install a GPS Tracker: Consider using a GPS tracker specifically designed for bikes. These can help locate your bike if it is stolen.

Don't Leave Valuables Attached: Remove any valuable accessories like lights, bags, or electronic devices, when you park your bike.

Lock Up Indoors: If possible, store your bike indoors as this provides the highest level of security.

Report Suspicious Activity: If you see anything suspicious or witness a theft, report it to the police immediately on 999.


I urge everyone to remain vigilant and follow these crime prevention tips to deter bike thefts.

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Nick Hubbard
(Kent Police, PC, Sevenoaks Neighbourhood Beat Officer)

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