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Burglary- Crime Prevention

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Following continuing rising numbers of burglaries within the Sevenoaks district, residents and local businesses are urged to continue maintaining safety measures within the community. Following the rise in numbers, there are further resources in place for the duration of the month. We urge residents and businesses to report any suspicious activity within the area particularly in the evening's to 999 or 101/online reporting as relevant. 

Burglar facts

  • Burglars target homes that they think will contain valuables. A sure giveaway is leaving packaging from expensive items outside your front door
  • Burglars often look for homes with windows or doors left open or with vulnerable features that they can exploit.
  • Burglars are aware of the times when someone is expected to be away from their house such as during the school run or holidays 
  • Burglars typically do not want to be seen or heard and if they feel that they would be noticed by a neighbour or passer-by then they are more likely to feel exposed and may move on to find somewhere else to burgle 
  • Burglars often choose a home because they’ve spotted a specific vehicle, motorcycle or bicycle they want to steal – and the keys are more than likely to be inside the residence
  • Sheds and garages are often vulnerable as they are not that secure and contain tools which the burglar can use to assist them to gain entry to a home
  • It’s a fact that many burglars return to homes that they’ve previously burgled because the homeowner failed to upgrade security following the first burglary. They sometimes return to an area to try to burgle a nearby home that they spotted while committing a previous break in. Even more reason for you to ensure you keep your home as safe as houses
  • Please feel free to let me know of any suspicious activity within your area or make me aware of any other issues ongoing. I look to respond ASAP. My email is 15907@kent.police.uk, I cover the areas of West Kingsdown and Fawkham, Eynsford, Otford, Shoreham and Kemsing. However, any main reports should go through the main Kent Police channels. Please also feel free to send onto relevant community groups and hubs and make neighbours and residents aware.

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    Ashleigh Wilson
    (Kent Police, Police Constable, Sevenoaks Neighbourhood Beat Officer)

    Please note that My Community Voice is not for reporting crimes or incidents. Instead you should:

    • Report a non-urgent crimes online: Report | Kent Police
    • Talk to us via our Live Chat by clicking on the blue button on our website: Home | Kent Police
    • If you are hearing or speech impaired, use the textphone service 18000 for emergencies or download the BT Relay app
    • Call 999 in an emergency, if a crime is in progress or life is in danger.

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